Here in the Hurricane - EP

by Anton Sword

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This EP represents a sharper turn towards the electronic for Sword & company. 4 of the 5 tracks recorded and performed with the 2011 core band: Anton plus Kristin Mueller, Julian Maile, and Gina Marie Rodriguez. The first track, 'The Air', is a stray from the earlier CD ('City of Oblivion'), that found its way finally onto this EP, and features members of an earlier lineup, Kristofer Widholm and Chris Wilson.


released May 1, 2012

Here in the Hurricane EP.
Track Listing: 1. The Air; 2. Here in the Hurricane; 3. On the Horizon; 4. The Words; 5. Surrender to the Tentacles

anton sword: voices, keyboards, programming
kristin mueller: drum kit on 2-5
julian maile: guitars on 2-5
gina marie rodriguez: bass on 2-5
michael lawson: storm guitars on 2
kristofer widholm: guitars on 1
chris wilson: bass on 1

written & produced by anton sword

drums, guitars, bass and piano recorded by damon whittemore at valvetone, NYC
vocals recorded by pete kohl at beautyrock, nyc

1 mixed by anton sword at fugue state, nyc * 2 mixed by anton sword at fugue state and pete kohl at beautyrock * 3 mixed by carl barc at the distillery, nyc * 4 mixed by carl barc, pete kohl, and anton sword * 5 mixed by carl barc, pete kohl, and anton sword, with additional mixing by matt young & grant wheeler at landau audio, nyc

mastered by ingo krauss at candybomber, berlin

graphic design: andrea frohner
photos: berry behrendt, tommy longo. anton sword

c and p anton sword/fugue state music. all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Anton Sword Brooklyn, New York

NYC native singer/keyboardist Anton Sword writes neo-glam synthpop and dark dance music for cynical but secretly tenderhearted bookworms. Sword performs solo and with his band The We Ours regularly in the USA and Europe.

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Track Name: The Air
The Air

Stop prattling at me, you beautiful fool
Can’t you follow the rules?
I told you to go away
Okay, you can stay on my little boat
Your skin has a glow
Your lips are perfectly glazed

Standing on the deck I check your face, half hidden by your hair
Every time I do I’m just amazed you’re still there
I’d have thought by now you’d drop your gaze from my crazy stare

Let’s loosen the ropes and get underway
If you’re gonna stay
We may as well get going soon
Hold onto yourself ‘cause here come the waves
There’s nothing to save us
And you seem intent on your own ruin

Let’s sail into the morning’s golden room, the light’s like glue
Everything we had and everything we thought we knew
Everything is whirlpooling away, I guess we’re free

Standing on the deck I check your face, half hidden by your hair
Every time I do I’m just amazed you’re still there
Standing in the breeze we feel the rain falling through the air
Track Name: Here in the Hurricane
Here in the Hurricane

Why do you come around tonight, to lose yourself in a dream?
Tonight what are we all doing here, and who’s sure what they mean?
Fake, you always say you feel fake, now how do you feel?
Tonight nobody’s sure who they are, or how to tell fake from real

You, you came here tonight for someone new
Or you came tonight to see friends or make them see you
Or you came tonight ‘cause you were tired of standing outside the play
Tonight, take a drink, dissolve your thoughts of the day

Quivering inside, step out into the night,
Pink in the streetlights, slide along the walls
Quivering inside, under, under the heights,
Back in the doorway, stumble down the hall

Spinning around now, lonely holding hands,
Hold onto lonely, hold on now
Into the dark now, round and round,
Fake it or be real, who knows how?

‘Cause tonight invisible shapes fly
Across the room onto your face
And they dance in all the secret spots,
To enchant the corners of this place

We would like to say something meaningful
That will always burn as you read
But we don’t need to say anything,
We just make vowel sounds as you move your feet

In the hypnolyric hurricane, in the hypnolyric hurricane
here in the hurricane, here in the hurricane

Fake, are you still feeling fake, or is unfinished what you mean?
Move, moving helps you arrive here, between the blob and the machine
Hi, hello there, why still resist?
I know it’s hard, but we were made for this
Track Name: On the Horizon
On the Horizon

Something’s coming, I can feel it
Some kind of darkness, I can see it there on the horizon
Beyond the cities, beyond the mountains,
Flows a forgotten fountain, there on the horizon
Looking up from my screen I saw a shadow pass over the sun

There is a power beyond the ocean
There is a power beyond devotion there on the horizon
As all the wise men clean their money and the soldiers clean guns,
It keeps coming slowly on the horizon
Looking up from my screen I saw a shadow pass over the sun

Who watches over the people?
Who? Not the market nor the steeple
Who? Not the judge nor the elected
Who? Only power is protected

Will they remember us when we’re gone now?
Will they remember us when we’ve disappeared?
Take my ticket and my lucky locket
Take them and hide them in your pocket yeah
Looking up from my screen I saw a shadow pass over the sun
Track Name: The Words
The Words

You put on your supersonic shoes and take your party pills
Maybe she’ll be there but you don’t dare
Ask her ex-boyfriend bill, he looks a little green around the gills
Through your inner-tinted glasses and the sentient gases
A pale pink bliss converts this purple verse to a piercing pain
There she is like a stain in the colorfield
Parentheses clog your larynx now, colliding somehow
Hurtling through the words

In your electromagnet hat and superconducting underpants
You’re looking pretty fly to catch her eye
And you radiocarbon-dated all your cufflinks
A clever souvenir of your maneuver last year
Clean unseen geodesic caffeine supports your flow
Grab her arm as she goes like a jellyfish
That begs to be squished, in a coral reef it’s pointless to speak
You’re just gurgling the words

You’re only fluids in a sac and she’s a glowing sun
In a cold ionosphere, as you’re sitting melting here
On the tofu sofa in the kitchen, she made your string beans glisten
With chemical subversion, unspeakable perversion
In the aftermath you interview yourself in the bathtub, in a foreign film
That’s so badly dubbed. From this naked place
Great voices come in a bitter code, up above everyone
You’re still searching for the words
Track Name: Surrender to the Tentacles
Surrender to the Tentacles

I see the precious and the edible
The gold, the folding and the spreadable
The square, the circle and the pentacle
Now we surrender to the tentacles

We watch the clouds drift by the balcony
We talk about imaginary enemies

We study all the plans and strategies
To conquer everyone in history
The goth, the persian and the byzantine
The mongol, mandarin and philistine

Don’t stop to think or it will rain
Look in my eyes, it will feel fine

We’re taking photographs of water towers
And shopping for designer underwear
We’re theorizing about dinosaurs
And taking pills and writing diaries
We don our helmets and our uniforms
Our patches, armbands and our leotards
We take our advice from adolescents
We drive our vespa into the sunset
While fantasizing we’ll be president
Now we surrender to the tentacles

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