City of Oblivion

by Anton Sword

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Anton Sword is joined by The We Ours, an assembled cast of musical superheroes still spread across 2 continents, who anchor this attempt at a cross-fertilization of 1960s britpop, 1970s slickness, and a small taste of 1980s darkness.


released February 25, 2010

Written and Produced by Anton Sword.

Anton Sword: voice, keyboards, programming
Kristofer Widholm: voice, guitars
Kristin Mueller: drum kit, guitar
Julian Maile: guitars, bass
Jessica Hallman: voice, cello
Kay Luebke: drum kit
Chris Wilson: bass
Jay Foote: bass
Nathan Halpern: guitar
Joanna Choy: voice
Kerry Kennedy: voice
Eddie Zweiback: percussion
Recorded and Mixed by Pete Kohl at Beautyrock, NYC; Ingo Krauss at Candybomber, Berlin; Damon Whittemore and Kristin Mueller at ValveTone and GödelString, NYC. Mastered by Pete Kohl at Beautyrock, NYC.


all rights reserved



Anton Sword Brooklyn, New York

NYC native singer/keyboardist Anton Sword writes neo-glam synthpop and dark dance music for cynical but secretly tenderhearted bookworms. Sword performs solo and with his band The We Ours regularly in the USA and Europe.

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Track Name: Jar of Gin
Jar of Gin

My hand was on the gate when something made me hesitate
You held up a jar of gin, a gray-gold ring within it
I said, hey, wait a minute, let me see that there
I was in the basement for a long while,
I forgot about the light, forgot about the light
Counting coal and old reflections

You built a palace on the sand in a desolate land
you gotta break to create, dig a pool for the skate boards
or mosquito hordes will take it back
You were in the basement for a long while,
You forgot about the light, forgot about the light
Just smoke and mirrors

Running out by the water there’s nothing more to alter
My mind is getting old, my face is what I hold up
I say let it roll up all around us now
We were in the basement for a long while,
We forgot about the light, forgot about the light
And we broke the jar of gin but it’s all right
Track Name: City of Oblivion
City of Oblivion

I never lost my love for you, baby,
but I left so I could live
Cause every night beside you poured right
through my heart like through a paper sieve
You took everything I gave, baby,
I had nothing left to give
So I set out for the city of oblivion

I climbed out of the window slowly
when I heard the treetops sigh
The moon was looking down upon the meadow
from the purple sky
I crawled into the tunnel by the highway
where the people don’t care why
I was going to the city of oblivion

They said go, go, be no one now
Go, go, you know you know how
Forget, forget, forget your regret
No one cares inside the city

So I sat upon the lily pad of wisdom
but it sank into the mud
I fired off the rifle shot of genius
but the shell was a dud
I stumbled through the brambles of compassion
but the thorns drew no blood
Before I reached the city of oblivion

They said go, go, be no one now
Go, go, you know you know how
Forget, forget, forget your regret
So I buried it outside the walls of the city

So when you think about me, baby
(though I guess you seldom do)
Know that I’m standing on the silent sidewalk
in the burning blue
I annihilated everything
that had a trace of you
And I’m happy in the city of oblivion
Track Name: I Like Your Mind
I Like Your Mind

Back at the shark bar with a maker’s mark again
I sit alone with my moleskin and my pen
When by the jukebox I recognize your voice
The way you tell a joke just gets me moist
Your smooth allusions and cool sarcasm
Almost induce a mental orgasm

As usual not only are your clothes a perfect fit
But every tiny detail shows your wit
I’m nearly ready armored in my liquid bronze
To talk to you and hope for a response
Your lips undulate in your pretty face
As you create another brilliant turn of phrase

I like your mind

I listen closely so you take me to your place
On Clinton Street, a cleverly decorated space
Tongue-tied on your bed I have a sudden urge to flee
Cause I’m scared that you’re almost as smart as me
We sit here breathing as I absorb it all
I think I need some phenobarbitol

‘Cause I like your mind
Track Name: The Lawn
The Lawn

Behold my entourage!
There’s more to life than looking sexy,
but I’m not sure what
Let’s see the den, there’s something very messy
But don’t be alarmed, what do you think I’m on?
You want me to just wave my magic wand?
Oh come on, come on, follow me to the lawn
Is this a mirage?
Salamander heat strokes my private beach
Come hide with me, swim silently,
shelter in an empty speech
My pretty swan, what do you think I’m on?
Just listen to my cosmic intercom
Oh come on, come on, follow me to the lawn
Glamorous collage
Beautiful salon, a eurotrash-fest
You’re still not impressed?
What if I crowned you the high priestess
Of my pantheon? What do you think I’m on?
Let’s get our final portrait drawn
Oh come on, come on, follow me to the lawn
Track Name: Contaminated

I’ve been contaminated, get away, save yourself
My picture’s laminated, remember me as someone else
Then forget me, I’ll just fade away
I’ve been contaminated, you can’t reach me anymore
But I’m still animated, just not quite like before
So forget me, I’ll just fade away
My resistance to illusion, emotional pollution
Stems from when I was infected, infatuated,
but now I’m protected
And I will make you helpless,
whatever you do won’t mean much
We can still be together, we just can never touch
‘Cause I’m contaminated
I’ve been rated, dated, hated, slated for replacement
in the basement
My rapture always festers so I give myself a lecture,
avoid conjecture
I’ll meet you in the diner in the last booth
on the south side
I’ll tell you later all the things that made my mind
Lemon rinds, coffee grinds, I’m contaminated
Track Name: Listening

Under the El in falling snow at five a.m.
Scattering trash below my window’s blowing again
Tonight my finger on the keys makes my blind piano see
You in the silence of the street
I’m following trails of shiny times with broken brooms
Pushing together precious piles of later and soon
While the empty paper night is torn by tiny tears of light
Spilling out onto the curb
All of the flutes of morning breathe your silvered air
All of the violins of life thrive in your hair
Orchestras of crows and doves, symphonies of sudden love
Conducted by the sun
Spiraling in a melody we flew off the charts and into the blue
And I followed you, I still follow you
Whether you tell me everything I want to know
Whether you show me all the things I want you to show
Every string on my guitar will keep translating where you are
I’ll be alone here listening
Track Name: Sandwich

Hypnotized by the way you eat your sandwich
I forgot what to say
A thousand islands in your eyes look at me
And I’m just mayonnaise
Oh, I remember now, I had it all planned out
An easy see-through pose, but you already know
You already know
I met you long before I knew you
In a dark scary place
It was there everywhere right through you
There it is in your face
It’s for forever now, it’s already planned out
Our orders I suppose, we both already know
We both already know
Track Name: Anybody Else (The Glove)
Anybody Else (The Glove)

Goodbye from the guys, everybody told me to tell you
They say goodbye
Say hello to the girls, I know that none of them
really trust me
But I don’t care
You take the photos, I’m leaving on a slow boat
But I hope that you know you weren’t just like anybody else
You showed me the bars, all your pals down by the river
And the canals
Nobodies and stars, the local sub-cultural icons
We had a bacchanal
And in your bedroom between the bodies
and the blue fumes
Something was so smooth, I had to have a taste
just for myself
And in the morning amid the coffee and the coughing
I felt a warning you weren’t just like anybody else
You wore purple and green, crimson and platinum
bleached blonde
And I wore black
Your diary’s clean
But I swiped your glove from our freak scene
And I’ll never give it back
Your glove
Track Name: Nowhere

Where’s Saint Michael’s secret stairway
To the back room at McGlade’s?
Where’s the abandoned railway station
Underneath Trump Place?
After the city closed around you
And you made your crazed escape
Why do you still hover in the humid haze?
Where are all the murals from the lobby of three-twelve?
Where are all the pretty stories that we told ourselves?
What happened to the money? It’s quite a mystery
Where are all the pretty people we pretended to be?
Where’s our magic manhole to the room that mesmerized
And our precious pavement that glitters with a billion eyes?
That city vanished with you but a piece of you I kept
In the badlands of my heart where my old crushes crept
Hiding hiding in your bed sucking on a dream
Living in your head on a life-support machine
By the Apthorpe and Ansonia, by the old forgotten pier
On the broken promenade near where you disappeared
On the stoop outside your building on eighty-seventh street
My shadow’s hanging round the places we used to meet
Track Name: Gone

The soundmen pull us through lean years
We trust their old ingenious ears
Fine beads of fame would slake our souls
But we string our shame on metronomes
Here comes the dawn, someday this all will be gone
There’s no turning back, it’s time to sing our so long
When drama fades the shapes grow strong
The colors bright, the moments long

The fans all wave along the way
Torn flags to decorate the day
They write our names in cries of gold
A million miles beyond the cold
Here comes the dawn, someday this all will be gone
No turning back, it’s time to sing our so long
On silver skin we ply our oars
And row back to the spangled source
Track Name: Time is Running Out Like Thread (The Astronomer's Lullaby)
Time is Running Out Like Thread
(The Astronomer's Lullaby)

Oh my little pouty face,
won’t you come and stay up late
We will see such pretty things
Venus, Mars, and Saturn’s rings

We can stay all night I hope
look into my telescope
Someday all the stars will die
so I will sing this lullaby

Time is running out like thread
time is turning promises to lies
And spinning necklaces of tears
time will take you by surprise

Come and sit close to me
now the sun has gone behind the trees
See the town spread out below
no one down there has to know

Look into the darkness of the sky
is there something in your eye?
The milky way is burning up
won’t you come and drink a cup?

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